Flexible Packaging Waxes

Flexible packaging waxes are formulated to provide barrier coatings to converted paper for packaging applications. Cerax makes bespoke blends to create twist wrap functionality or heat sealble applications. Grades can be manufactured with food contact approved materials if necessary.

Cerax twist-wrap


A high performance blend of coating waxes for paper conversion that requires twist or flex.


Congealing Point: 61-64 degrees °C
Penetration at 25 degree °C: 15 – 20
Viscosity: 12-15mm 2S
Colour: Saybolt>27

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Low viscosity paper coating/impregnating wax that imparts high gloss, is quick melting, economical and suitable for a wide variety of applications


High performance coating wax, that can be used as a barrier coating. It may perform a duel function as a heat sealable coating when heat is applied.

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