Paraffin Waxes

Paraffin Waxes are derived from the synthesis and refining of petroleum, coal or shale gas. It is obtained by freezing or solvent dewaxing of these fractions, then deoiling and refining. It can be divided into crude paraffin, semi-refined and fully refined paraffin, edible paraffin and so on. It is used to manufacture candles, matches, electrical insulation materials, high fatty acids and alcohols. As the resources of animal wax and plant wax become more and more scarce, paraffin waxes have filled the space in the market. Their molecular weight which is very low when compared to the FT waxes available on the market.

Cerax has the ability to not only supply these range of waxes, but use them in blending them with higher or even lower molecular weight molecules to produce products specific to the customers needs.

wax block