Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Cerax offers Plastoflex from Paramelt. This pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for bonding paper and plastic labels on hard containers or for non carbonated and carbonated beverage PET bottles. It is also used extensively in ‘spot glue’ applications, this assists with keeping boxes stacked in pallet form while shipping.


Plastoflex 9605

Viscosity @ 150C – 500 to 1000 mPa.s
Colour – Light Yellow
Softening Point R&B – 58 to 68°C
Application Temp – 120 to 160°C
Open Time – N/A as it is pressure sensitive.

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Plastoflex 9605 is produced in self-protected blocks of which the film is part of the recipe. The odour is typical of a styrene. Plastomelt 9605 can be used in most Hot Melt applicators.

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